Extended Warranty

Four Models of Tyre can be Registered to Get Extended Warranty. ( For Geniune Imported Only)

100 Days Road Hazard Warranty for 4 Tyres

Please register for the “Selected Tyre Warranty Plan” on our website within 14 days from the date of purchase. The three tyre models accepted for the plan are:

  • POTENZA Sport
  • ALENZA 001

This warranty plan provides

  1. 100 Days Road Hazard Warranty
  2. Extra 2 years of tyre warranty ( for POTENZA SPORT only )

Registration Methods

  1. By Whatsapp : First add telephone number (+852-9091 1803) to your mobile phone. Using this number, whatsapp us the tyre purchase receipt with individual tyre registration number stickers. After we received the whatsapp, we shall ask you for your basic information.
  1. Through Website : Press the “Register Now” Button. Then fill up the form according to the instructions on the website.

Basic data like name, mobile number, car license plate number is needed for registration. Customer also needed to upload the tyre purchase receipt which display clearly the name of the shop, purchase date, tyre size, tyre quantity and sticked with individual tire registration number from the geniune imported tyres.

The extra warranty will become effective only after the registration is verified and a confirmation email/message is send to the customer.


*This warranty plan is for Hong Kong and Macau only.
*To be valid for the extended warranty, customer must register within 14 days of the purchase.
*Red, green and blue taxi are not included in this extended warranty plan.

POTENZA SPORT with Registration Number

Each tyre has individual registration number sticker
(Please stick the number portion on the invoice)

100 Days Road Hazard Warranty for Tyres

The Road Hazard Warranty provides protection for the first 100 days from the time of purchase. It covers tyre failures caused by cut, impact breaks, run flats, sidewall bulge and non-repairable punctures caused by unforeseen hazards of the road. Tyre failures have to be reported to us within this 100 days period. If the claim is accepted, you will receive a completely new tyre of the same size and pattern through the same tyre dealer free of charge.

However, this Road Hazard Warranty does not cover intentional damages, mounting and dismount damages, repair damages, irregular wear, damages caused by poor vehicle conditions, incorrect tyre size, incorrect inflation, alignment and mechanical problems. Also, nail holes and other repairable damages are also excluded.

All other costs incurred such as towing service, tyre valves, mounting and dismounting charge, tyre balancing and alignment, etc are to be borne by the customer.

* The Road Hazard Warranty will only compensate with a new tyre of the same size and pattern. It does not compensate other than tyres.

* Every purchased tyre can claim only one times.

* Claim will not be accepted for unlisted damages.

* Claim will not be accepted for tyre with less than 5mm tread depth.

* Claim will not be accepted if reported after the first 100 days from the time of purchase.

5 Years Tyre General Warranty (+2 Years for Potenza Sport)

Geniune imported Bridgestone tyres carry 5 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of production. Within this 5 years, if tyres are found with manufacturing fault, we will compensate the customer according to the remaining tread depth. Register Potenza Sport now to get extra two years of tyre warranty, so in total customer can get 7 years of tyre warranty for Potenza Sport.

Claim Tyre Procedures

Customer should prepare the followings when claiming the tyre warranty:

  • Original receipt of the tyres purchase (attached with the warranty sticker of each tyre)
  • One copy of the motor vehicle license


  1. Call up or Whatsapp our service hotline to report the tyre incident。(Tel.: +852-9091 1803)
  2. Go to the tyre dealer where you bought the tyres for claim handling. If you still need to use the vehicle in concern,  we suggest you to change the damage tyre to spare tyre.
  3. The shop will pass the claim tyre, the original receipt (attached with the warranty sticker of each tyre) and the copy of motor vehicle license to our technical inspector for judging the claim. The result will be out in 7 working days. (Macau customers will take longer for 7 working days.)


This warranty cannot be claimed for any direct or indirect damage to the vehicle or personnel caused by the failure of the tire.
Tong Seng Co., Ltd. will not be responsible for any promises or agreements made by the tyre dealers, employees or representatives that exceed the warranty terms.
Tong Seng Co., Ltd. reserves the right to suspend, change (to add, delete or change the terms and conditions) or terminate the warranty without prior notice.
In case of any dispute, Tong Seng Co., Ltd. reserves the right of the final decision.