Choose Tyre Correctly

Proper Storage



Only proper transportation and storage arrangements from the factory to the retail point can ensure tire quality. Improper stacking, prolonged storage, exposure to sunlight, moisture and oils which are common with parallel importers can cause tyre deformation and direct damage to the tyre’s structure.

Proper Specification


Tires require different specifications under different temperature, humidity and road conditions. Hong Kong and Macau have their own unique condition. Even tires of the same brand and model can vary a lot in specification for different countries. Therefore, only tires officially imported by Tong Seng Company can be guaranteed to be suitable for the local climate and road surface.

Proper Quality


Both Bridgestone and Tong Seng Company will only bear product responsibility for genuine imported tires. Parallel imported tires do not have any quality guarantee and can be dangerous to all road users. No matter how serious a defect is found in a parallel imported tyre, the manufacturer will not be responsible for product claims, product recalls, and consumers will have no right to sue the manufacturer. As a result, the car insurance may also be invalid for accidents caused by such a case.

Why take the risk?