【Promotion Ended】Not Just Higher Tyre Performance, 2 Tyres Can Get $500 Petrol Credit

Caltex Promotion 2023

Bridgestone is launching a unique promotion with fuel card in Hong Kong. From now until 31st May 2023, for each purchase of 2 pieces of POTENZA Sport, POTENZA RE004, TURANZA T005A or ALENZA 001, and completing the warranty registration of  the 100 days road hazard warranty, the customer can then apply for one Caltex starcard which is preloaded with HK$500. The card will have discount of $4/litre.

Once the tyre warranty is approved, we will then send confirmation email together with a hyperlink for special starcard applicaton to the customer.

Preloaded starcard is mainly for new applicants (counting by car license plate number) who have not used starcards in the pass four month. If you already have starcards, you may ask Hanbreg Limited on hotline 23833885 to assist with the application.

If a customer buy more than one pair of tyres, he/she can apply for another starcard for another car.

This is a join promotion between Tong Seng Co., Ltd. and Hanbreg Limited. If there is any enquiry on the starcard, please contact Hanbreg Limited at 2383 3885.

Promotion Deadline: 31st May 2023

Steps to Get the Fuel Card

  1. Purchase two pieces of above mentioned tyres between 15th March 2023 to 31st May 2023.
  2. Completed Registration of the Tyre Warranty (Refer to website
  3. Once the warranty has been approved, we shall email the confirmation together with a unique link for special Caltex Starcard application.

* Warranty Registration has to be done within 14 days of the purchase.

Extra Warranty

After registering the POTENZA Sport bought in Hong Kong or Macau, beside the 100 days road hazard warranty and 5 years tyre limited warranty, one will get extra 2 years of tyre limited warranty.


* In case of  any dispute, Tong Seng Co., Ltd. reserves the right of the final decision.

* For any enquiry on the starcard, please contact Hanbreg Limited on hotline 2383 3885.

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