BRIDGESTONE Launches the New Ecopia H/L 001

Designed for SUVs, the Ecopia H/L 001 has excellent fuel efficiency, confidence-inspiring wet grip and longer-lasting tread life.

BRIDGESTONE has gained much praise from the market since the launch of the eco-friendly ECOPIA EP300 tyres in 2017. To enhance the line-up of Ecopia, Bridgestone has applied the same concept to develop the new ECOPIA H/L 001 tires for SUVs, providing excellent wet grip and more tread life while maintaining low rolling resistance. To accommodate the difference in SUVs, Bridgestone further adopt a more comfortable and quiet design in H/L 001.

Through the innovative design concept and engineering solution, Ecopia H/L 001 revolutionizes and enhances the concept of an eco-tyre by bringing it to the next level as embodied in its tagline “For SUV drivers who want it all”. Demanding SUV drivers that “Want it all” have now available in the market a product that will fully meet their expectations.

HL001 angled g


The chamfered design of the horizontal sipes in H/L 001 prevents deformation to maintain a flat contact patch with the road even in wet conditions. This means you can confidently bring your SUV to a halt within a shorter distance. According to our test on the wet road, H/L 001 can stop the SUV at 12% shorter distance than the previous EP850.


Thanks to the latest in tread design of H/L 001, contact with the road is optimised under all conditions. In addition to better grip, treadwear is more even. Equating in less frequent tyre changes, and long-term savings for you.


Ecopia H/L 001 uses the patented Bridgestone innovation, Nano Pro-Tech™ to strengthen the bond between silica and polymer. This contributing to everything from reduced heat generation and energy loss, to improved wet grip and lower roll resistance.

Enhanced Comfort

H/L001 features a reinforced sidewall which reduces damping. The result is less noise vibration for a more comfortable ride, whether you’re in town or cruising on the highway.

Available Sizes

Experience the hallmarks of our ECOPIA H/L 001 in your SUV. It can satisfy your desire for safer wet grip, eco-friendly, and economy at the same time. H/L 001 is available in 21 different sizes with width from 215mm to 285mm. The rim size ranges from 17 to 20 inches.

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