Brand New ECOPIA EP300 and ALENZA 001 – with free WiFi Speaker

New eco-tyre features improved fuel efficiency, superior wet grip and extended wear life

New eco-tyre features improved fuel efficiency, superior wet grip and extended wear life

BRIDGESTONE just launched the new ALENZA as premium SUV flagship tire last month. Today, Bridgestone is proud to unveil another new Passenger Radial Tyre ECOPIA EP300. EP300 is positioned as next generation eco-tyre that offers low rolling resistance and superior wet grip performance while delivering an extended wear life. Through the innovative design concept and engineering solutions adopted, EP300 revolutionizes and redefines the concept of an eco-tyre by bringing it to the next level as embodied in its tagline “When You Want It All”. Demanding Drivers that “Want it all” have now available in the market a product that will fully meet their expectations.

Inherent in the ECOPIA family, EP300 is tested and proven to achieve significant fuel savings of up to 2 liters1 every full tank compared with conventional tyres. In tests comparing EP300 to previous ECOPIA generation2, the results demonstrate that the new techonologies and design concept adopted for EP300 help to achieve an improved fuel savings, while offering drivers additional travelling distance of up to 11.2 km3 per tank and a superior wet grip performance for a safer drive on wet asphalt.

“Most drivers desire a way to achieve better fuel efficiency that translates into fuel savings. However, despite how careful drivers can be on the accelerator, if a vehicle is not equipped with the optimum eco-tyres, achieving good fuel efficiency and economy will be a challenge,” commented Tai Kawasaki, Managing Director of Bridgesone Asia Pacific Technical Center. “With the new ECOPIA EP300, we aim to bring drivers the best possible return from their vehicles while allowing them to do their part for the environment, as lower rolling resistance brings reduced CO2 emissions.”

EP300 photo

Ecopia EP300 logo

Fuel Efficiency

EP300’s low rolling resistance brings fuel efficiency to the next level. This contributes to daily fuel savings and less CO2 emissions, reducing the vehicle’s environmental footprint.

Compared to previous ECOPIA generation, EP300 offers even further savings by traveling up to an additional up to 11.2 km per full tank.

Superior Wet Grip

EP300 features enhanced NanoPro-TechTM with a new polymer that provides enhanced wet grip due to an increased contact area that grips wet road surfaces with higher frictional force at the micro-level.

In addition, the new tread pattern contributes to anti-hydroplaning performance, better handling and reduced noise.

Long Lasting

Deeper lug depth on the tyre shoulder is designed to strengthen durability and increase wear resistance. EP300 features new tread design to better control tyre deformation and provide long lasting tyre life through a uniform wear pattern.

Sizes Available

ECOPIA EP300 is available in 32 different sizes and rim size is from 15 to 18 inches.

WiFi Speaker +Power Bank

WiFi Speaker +Power Bank

New Products Promotion

From now until 30th September, 2017, for customer who buy 4 pieces of new ECOPIA EP300 or ALENZA 001 at a Bridgestone tyre shop, one can get a free Bridgestone WiFi Speaker (with Power Bank function). If only buy two pieces, customer can add HK$100 for this speaker.

ALENZA 001 photo

ALENZA 001 logo

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