Dueler H/P Sport 榮獲『最高評級』


The latest 4×4 summer tyre test confirms the excellent and balanced on-road performance designed into the Dueler H/P Sport by Bridgestone. In the annual 4×4 tyre test conducted by German magazine Auto Zeitung issued in June 2010, the Dueler H/P Sport receives the highest rating: “highly recommended”.

“Convincing, with balanced performance” (Auto Zeitung)

Eight leading 4×4 tyre brands in size 255/55R18 were tested on a BMW X5 Diesel. The test combined both on- and off-road evaluation, including the full range of performance criteria on wet and dry road surfaces.

The Dueler H/P Sport was judged particularly effective on-road with the highest score – and only tyre to receive full points – for wet lateral grip on the skid pad. “Convincing, with balanced performance” states Auto Zeitung for the Dueler’s on-road performance in wet and dry, and “highly recommended”.

Bridgestone designed the Dueler H/P Sport to provide premium SUV’s with sporty on-road handling, with sharp driving precision and superior wet performance and comfort.

Auto Zeitung is a leading German car magazine, renowned throughout Europe for its testing competency.

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