【Promotion Ended】No Fear of Rain! POTENZA SPORT Offer Free Umbrella (Buy-2-Get-1)

Buy Potenza Sport Get Free Umbrella

This promotion has ended. If you have purchased 2 pieces or more POTENZA Sport between 16th July,2022 to 15th September,2022, and you have completed the registration within 14 days of purchase, you can still collect your free umbrella on or before 30th September,2022.

The rainy season has come! Tong Seng Co., Ltd. has prepared free gifts for our customers, so that users of the flagship tire POTENZA SPORT can have umbrellas ready in their cars to cope with the unpredictable weather.

From now until 15th September 2022, by purchasing POTENZA Sport, customers can get Bridgestone umbrellas upon finishing the warranty registration.

For every two pieces of POTENZA Sport you bought, we will send you a QR code for one Bridgestone umbrella. Buy more get more.

Customers can collect the umbrella by bringing the original invoice and the QR code to designated collection centres between 2nd July to 30th September.

To Get the Bridgestone Umbrella

  1. Buy genuine imported POTENZA Sport between 16th June 2022 and 15th September 2022.
  1. Complete the Registration for Extended Warranty(For warranty details and registration, please visit https://bit.ly/3rlv2qt
  1. Once the registration is verified, a confirmation of the tyre warranty will be send to you either by email or whatsapp. The complimentary umbrella will be send together with the message in the form of QR code.

 Registration must be completed within 14 days of purchase.

* This promotion is based on purchase date. For example, if a customer buy 4 pieces of POTENZA Sport on 15th September 2022, he/she can register the warranty on or before 29th September 2022. Then he/she can receive QR code for collecting 2 umbrellas and collect them on 30th September 2022.

[Please look for genuine import label during purchase.]

What is POTENZA Sport?

POTENZA Sport is Bridgestone’s latest flagship product. The slogan “Better Never Settles” represents state-of-the-art technologies, tread pattern design, compound and construction. Its superior performance is fully expressed in its cornering and straight line handling in both wet and dry road.

  • Innovative 3D sipes are applied to the tyre tread pattern design to increase shear stiffness, as well as to improve and enhance braking and abrasion resistance.
  • The compound contains an optimized formula that is combined with innovative mixing technology to improve the tyre’s wet and dry handling performances.
  • Bridgestone also deployed a new hybrid crown reinforcement to maximise tyre stability at high speed.
  • A sporty carcass package is also applied to increase stability and steering response, while optimising rolling resistance.


POTENZA Sport tyres are original equipment on some of the most prestigious car brands, including the Maserati MC20 supercar, Lamborghini Huracán STO, BMW 8 series, amongst others.

Extended Warranty

By registering, buying POTENZA Sport in Hong Kong and Macau can receive 100 days of road hazard warranty and extra 2 years of tyre warranty (so 7 years in total).


* In case of any dispute, Tong Seng Co., Ltd. reserves the right of the final decision.

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