100 Days Road Hazard Warranty Covering 3 Tyre Models

To improve protection for our customers, we are now offering 100 days of road hazard warranty and maximum of 7 years of tyre warranty for 3 tyre models: 【ALENZA 001】【POTENZA Sport】【POTENZA RE004】.

The Road Hazard Warranty covers tyre failures caused by unforeseen hazards of the road. Once the claim is accepted, you will receive a completely new tyre free of charge. For full details of the warranty plan, please visit https://bit.ly/3HwQXQH

Customers must register their purchase within the first 14 days to be accepted for this extended warranty plan.

Genuine imported tyre will still get the 5 years tyre warranty even without registration. Once tyre manufacturing fault is found within the warranty period, customer can raise the claim to us.

POTENZA Sport will especially get extra 2 years on the tyre warranty after registration. Making it a total of 7 years tyre warranty for POTENZA Sport. POTENZA Sport also entitles to free umbrella from now until 15th September 2022 <details>.

Originally, 100 days road hazard warranty is only offered for 【POTENZA Sport】. Now we are expanding the plan to cover both【ALENZA 001】and【POTENZA RE004】.

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