The DUELER HP SPORT, designed for the world’s most prestigious SUVs. Engineered to provide these premium vehicles with superb performance at every road stage, sports car handling, stability for high- speed cruising and a ride with all the comfort of premium saloon.

Now your SUV can take corners with all the power and traction of a sport car by dint of the DUELER HP SPORT. A specialised on-road tread compound enables these tires to withstand the fierce lateral G force of cornering power.


Cruising at high speed in the rain, you shall immediately feel the difference created by the synergies between the specially-designed compound for SUVs and the super premium tyre tread pattern of the POTENZA’s flagship tyre RE050.

Four straight grooves efficiently displace water and provides all the grip needed to ensure a perfectly smooth ride.

Delight in driving, delight in the DUELER HP SPORT.