All-new premium quality all-terrain tyre exclusively engineered for sure comfort and performance, from dry roads to off-roads.

The DUELER A/T 697 offers excellent on-road handling, high speed stability and refined sporty design. It delivers a quiet ride and versatile all-season performance on both wet and dry surface

Wherever you want to go, DUELER 697 imposes an iron grip on any kind of terrain, from slick city road to daunting mountain trails.


The Dueler A/T 697 offers exceptional handling stability, durability and comfort under all conditions, with features including:
‧ Optimised tread depth and pattern design to minimise puncture risk through a reduced void ratio;
‧ Specially-developed tyre compound to increase durability and heat resistance;
‧ Advanced shoulder block design – a narrow shoulder lug and enhanced shoulder block profile to reduce noise and prevent irregular wear;
‧ Protective layers against harsh conditions
– two high tensile steel belts and an additional nylon ply layer as protection against punctures and tearing;
‧ Thick gauge sidewall and state-of-the-art casing structure for extra protection.