All of our standard automotive batteries are manufactured for maintenance-free features.
Major advantages of our Low-Maintenance automotive batteries are in the below.

  • Half century built in Technologies ensure customers’ satisfaction with high Performance design & zero defect quality control program
  • Easy Maintainable Low-maintenance design (use only special low antimonial selenium lead alloys for minimal water loss)
  • Proven performance and sufficient AH capacity
  • Quick recharge
  • Vibration Durability & Longer Cycle life (P.E Env. Separators for Passenger car batteries, Glassmat laminated Separator for truck batteries)
  • High Dry Activation Performance
  • Contemporary Unique Design (Kamina Vents, Handles)
. .
Available Ranges : 28AH ~ 230AH
. Korean standards,
Japan(JIS) Standards,
Europe(DIN) Standards,
American(BCI) Standards,
British(BBMS) Standards